Quote Request

We’re happy to provide you with a quote. To speed the process along, please review the list of options below, and contact us.

For Binders:

Material Type:
Vinyl, Poly, Naugahyde, Enviro, Clothbound, or other types of binders.

Size, shape, and number of binder rings required:

  • “O” shaped ring
  • “D” shaped ring
  • “Slanted D” shaped ring
  • 3-ring or other specialty ring

We can provide binder rings of any size. To know more about ring shapes and sizes, click the “binder terms explained” link on the left.

Sheet size:
Size of pages that will be inserted into binder.

Print/finish required:

  • Silk screening
    please specify number of colors to be in the print.
  • Foil-stamped and/or Embossed
    please specify colors (gold, silver, other), and locations (front, back, or spine).
  • Stitching
    decorative (stitched around a finished welded binder) or stitched around a wrapped-edge or pipe-edged binder.

Sheet lifters:
Will sheet lifters be needed and, if so will they be shipped separately or will they be inserted into binder before shipping?

Pockets & Trays:
Will welded pockets, pen loops, or trays be need on the inside or outside of the binder? These can be used to hold items such as business cards, CDs or DVDs, video and audio tapes, pamphlets, and other materials.

For Index Tabs:

Paper type:
If the paper is not being supplied, the type and thickness of paper stock to be used must be specified. Typical examples are 7 point white tag (which comes with a reinforced strip along the back of the sheet) and 9 point manila tag.

Will collating into sets be required?

Die Cutting:
The cut of the tab is determined by the number of tabs running to the bottom of the page in each bank (for example 1-10 numerical tabs running from top to bottom of a page is one bank of 10 or a 1/10th cut).

Mylar Coating:
Mylar coating can be applied to each tab cut to reinforce and illustrate each individual tab. Either a clear coating or different colors are available.

Hole Drilling:
Holes can be drilled in the tabs for easy insertion into binders. Please specify the number of holes to be drilled.